Helping Clients Meet Unique Challenges

For over thirty years, JLC has shared their expertise and tools to enable a wide range of businesses, educational institutions, and nonprofit organizations to effectively align resources to accomplish desired results. Read how we have helped our clients meet their unique challenges.

Client Comments

Top executive at Fortune 50 Company #1

“I have been using the practices of Conversational Leadership for probably about 6 years now. When I began using the practices I noticed many of our executive meetings, we were constantly revisiting decisions that we already made, and began to wonder why that was happening. However, once the group began to create focus at the beginning of every meeting and every agenda item, stating the context, purpose and outcome, the meetings got us all on the same page quickly. We began to start thinking intentionally about what outcome we wanted from every agenda item and every conversation. Being clear and intentional with each agenda item and conversation during the meeting, kept everyone focused and generated quality discussions, decisions, and results.”

Top executive at a Fortune 50 Company #2

“Traditionally when bringing a new team together, the leader, shares something about his or her self. However, I learned if I want to quickly develop a quality professional relationship, I might shift that introduction from a presentation style to a more interactive style. Instead of telling them what I thought they might want to know about me, I reversed that concept and asked them what they wanted to learn about me and each other. I thought they might ask silly questions, however I was amazed to see how quickly my team came together when they shared information with each other. It happened much quicker than if they share 6 facts about themselves.

When my personal team and own peer group engaged in this activity, we connected at a deeper level as a team and now collaborate and make decisions more effectively, it is amazing. Sometimes people show up very differently than I expected. The quality of the professional relationship definitely has an impacted on the results you can achieve as a team.”