Jorgensen Learning Center is a GSA Certified Supplier Of Instructor Led Leadership and Management Training Courses
For Government Agencies & their Employees
Contract Number: GS-02F-07AA
SIN: 874.4

JORGENSEN LEARNING CENTER, INC. (JLC) is a minority-owned business providing Motivational Training, Team-Building, Leadership and Executive Coaching and Organizational Transformation. We improve and inspire employee attitude, performance, and loyalty, and re-direct management to realign their objectives and priorities. We help clients improve the effectiveness of business and management methods and re-address the corporate mission or vision which they may have lost sight of because of distractions of day-to-day business. Our clients have included schools, government agencies, military organizations and large and small corporations.

For over three decades, JLC has been enabling organizations to achieve their vision of success by developing great leaders and effective teams who execute the organization’s mission with excellence. In all of our course offerings you will learn how to create and sustain an environment and culture of trust, by implementing key learning processes that support authentic conversations. These leadership capabilities are designed to guide participants through a process that engages and informs them about communicating candidly and clearly to align the organization or team’s efforts to accomplish its dreams, draw out and use the best thinking of a team when and where needed, resolve workplace conflicts, and other situations that hamper effectiveness.


  • Create a culture that promotes taking initiative in idea generation, innovation, and problem solving.
  • Enhance the quality of conversations about performance and development.
  • Establish successful, collaborative, and high-performing teams.
  • Address change within your organization and corresponding behaviors to resolve concerns.
  • Meet the specific challenges of your vision and mission.
  • Develop the capacity for effective listening, providing quality feedback, engaging in challenging conversations, and building high performing teams.