Conversational Leadership 

Lead intentional conversations that drive results

Whether you are meeting one on one, one with many, as a group, or in a virtual environment, we can help you consistently hold focused, energized and productive conversations.

Our Conversational Leadership workshops will teach participants how to design a structured, yet flexible framework for intentional meetings.  The result is higher-quality conversations that result in higher-quality relationships that enable all participants to learn, contribute, collaborate and make decisions more effectively, even across time zones and cultures.


These intentional conversations can be used with groups of different sizes to address one important question, or many. The approach can be used as a simple design for a single meeting or to create optimal conditions for success for long-term, large-scale strategic initiatives.


Participants leave these 'learningful' conversations with a commitment to action that generates desired outcomes.  

Our workshops and tools will help teams:       

  • Learn and use our proven "5 Guidelines for Learning Conversations."

  • Develop stronger individual communication skills and capabilities.

  • Learn how to facilitate difficult conversations.

  • Use energizing and effective meeting protocols.

  • Design and facilitate meetings using the language of Conversational Leadership to produce desired changes in team dynamics.

  • Recognize and use conversation as a disciplined practice to accomplish alignment in the system.

  • Shape 'Safely Dangerous Space' within which to communicate.  


Contact us to schedule a Conversational Leadership seminar for your team or organization.  Every workshop incorporates adult-learning methodologies to ensure long-term retention and promote continuous personal improvement, enabling participants to deliver dynamic relevant solutions that get lasting results.

“The intention of dialogue is to reach new understanding and, in doing so, to form a totally new basis from which to think and act.” 
― William Isaacs,
Dialogue: The Art Of Thinking Together

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Conversational Leadership

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