What do you give someone who has everything? Give them a transformational experience of leadership coaching.


JLC provides individual and small group coaching to professionals who want to enhance their leadership capacities to learn and communicate effectively in today's fast-paced climate.


One Individual 

One-on-One Private Coaching Calls support clients as they transition into new jobs, shift roles and responsibilities, or find themselves stuck and unable to move forward to produce results.


Through inquiry-based and confidential conversations, we create a safe space to clarify a desired future state, establish goals and develop an implementation plan to generate sustainable results.

90 minutes



 Up to 4 Individuals 

Elite Circle Coaching Calls take the form of facilitated dialogue sessions to coach leaders in conducting disciplined learning conversations that generate desired results. 


Since executive teams are facing new, disruptive challenges in today's complex world, group coaching sessions are for teams who want to move to the next level in leadership.


The Elite Circle is designed so that leaders become more agile in managing the complexities inherent in human systems, can make more effective and faster decisions, and can make changes that lead to stability and sustained growth.

90 minutes



Two Individuals

Teams of Two Coaching Calls are designed for individuals who are curious about coaching but don’t want to do it alone.


Invite a colleague, friend or family member to engage in this collaborative online coaching experience. Teams of Two provide a powerful combination of support, accountability, motivation and healthy competition.


As partners in learning, you may dive deeply into your passions, crystalize goals and surface anything that may be preventing you from achieving all that you desire from life and work. 

90 minutes


Questions? We would love to talk to you. 

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