Today's organizational leaders must develop a culture of psychological safety by making changes that lead to

stability and sustained growth.

Executive coaching is one of the most powerful tools that a leader has to achieve these results.

Meet Your Coach

Dr. Julie B. Wise is an executive coach and performance consultant, spending the past two decades facilitating customized leadership development for educators, executives and military leaders. Drawing from qualitative research training, her inquiry-based coaching process is designed to create a safe space to clarify a desired future state, establish goals and create a plan to generate sustainable results. Engagement in reflective coaching conversations blends theory with practice that enhances the leadership capacity within individuals and across teams.

Julie's sage guidance and focused methods helped to maximize the benefits of our recent Offsite Strategic Planning Meeting.  Julie is  a dedicated and consummate professional who’s compassionate drive and engagement is the catalyst for our success in transitioning to the new paradigm in military medicine.

- Captain Dale Barrette,

Commanding Officer

Naval Health Clinic Charleston

Since Julie has been working with our district, our scores have been in the top quadrant for performance and growth. Julie is appreciated by her colleagues because she has a knack for communicating technical and pedagogical information in ways that

her colleagues understand.

- Dr. Rita Becker,

Assistant Superintendent

Eastern York School District

Julie is a powerhouse at taking individuals and companies to great heights in record time. She is a laser beam that zeros in on what people want in their lives and businesses, and she helps to create a clear and manageable path to accomplish those goals.

- Walker Clark,

Performance Coach

Executive Coaching can help you:

  • Inspire adaptable and innovative environments

  • Develop quality relationships that produce results

  • Enhance a leadership language for effective communication

  • Set clear priorities that align daily practices with strategic goals.

  • Identify and develop a leadership presence of humility, authenticity and transparency.

  • Recognize change begins with self first, then in others.

Your Investment

Since time is the currency of the 21st Century, time will be your biggest investment in executive coaching.  The coaching process begins with a no-fee discovery conversation and an investment of 15 - 30 minutes of your time. A customized coaching program will be developed to meet the specific needs of the client.

Our Coaching Process

JLC’s executive coaching model includes a six-step inquiry-based process of partnered reflection for learning and results:

  1. Establishing the Coaching Relationship. 

  2. Clarifying Desired Future State and Current Reality. 

  3. Setting Goals for Development in a Systems Context. 

  4. Support Learning in Action. 

  5. Enhancing the Capacity to Lead for Sustainable Results. 

  6. Closing the Loop. 

To ensure the client has the opportunity to engage fully in the six-step coaching process, executive coaching engagements are offered in 6 month or 12 month increments. If a different time frame is needed to accommodate the individual client or organization, modifications can be made by request.


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Discovery Conversation

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