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The Quality of

Your Leadership is

Revealed in Your 

Everyday Conversations

The Jorgensen Learning Center is a team of learning professionals, consultants, and coaches who help leaders hold quality, real-life conversations so they can achieve their desired outcomes.

Stand Up Meeting
Imagine every conversation honoring diverse perspectives and creating an inclusive climate where everyone feels connected and relevant. 
Imagine every meeting filled with
authenticity, integrity, and discovery.
What would this mean for your organization?
We believe conversation is a core leadership practice and your everyday conversations are key to higher quality relationships and results.
Everyday Conversations

Engage in everyday conversations that develop quality professional relationships

Everyday Conversations
Leading Teams

Design and hold conversations that honor diverse perspectives, surface the collective wisdom of the team, and ensure priorities are accomplished

Everyday Conversations

Develop a culture of trust and continuous improvement through everyday conversations, ensuring alignment and systemwide success

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When you change the conversation,

you change your results

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  • Feedback for the Win: WAITLIST
    Feedback for the Win: WAITLIST
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    Online Learning Series
    Time is TBD
    Online Learning Series
    Time is TBD
    Online Learning Series
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