Leading from the Inside Out

Individual Executive Development

Our leadership development coaching and consultation focuses on expanding the capacity of current and future leaders to produce change within themselves and others. 


Viewing the client from a systemic perspective is critical to understanding the client’s situation and setting and achieving appropriate goals. Our approach is to create a quality coaching relationship in a safe, trusting space where open and honest conversation can take place. 


Using Conversational Leadership as a foundation for our coaching conversations, we work to deepen the client/coach relationship, with the understanding that both client and coach have the responsibility to generate a common understanding about the client’s current reality and the client’s full potential.

"... a litmus test for leaders is to answer the question: Are the lives of the people we lead improved professionally and personally over time?"

― Ray Jorgensen, Ph.D.  Founder of Jorgensen Learning Center and author of Oracle of the Obvious, Secrets of Common Sense Leadership  

Enable new thinking that directly impacts the quality of team dynamics to accomplish consistent, sustainable results:


  • Learn how to portray your operating personal principles.

  • Identify your current reality.

  • Get a clear and compelling vision for yourself and the group you lead.

  • Learn how to identify and create desired conditions in the teams or departments you lead.

  • Align your team and build a shared vision of success that will enable the team to reach desired outcomes.

  • Design work activities in line with organizational goals and vision.

  • Identify work that is not in alignment with organizational goals and take steps to eliminate those work efforts or mitigate the negative effects.


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