Leading from the Outside In

Systems Dynamics: Organizational Executive Development

Executive teams are facing new, disruptive challenges in today's complex world of fast-paced change.  


Viewing the organization as a living system, we use Conversational Leadership methods to partner with you to see the interconnections and underlying structures that drive behavior.  With this understanding, leaders are more agile in managing the complexities inherent in human systems, can make more effective and faster decisions and make changes that lead to stability and sustained growth.

Leverage Systems Thinking and Organizational Learning to expand your capability to:

"Every team is only as strong as its weakest relationships. How well and how quickly teams make decisions, inspire innovation, tackle performance problems, or learn from mistakes depends on the strength of relationships within a team." ― Ray Jorgensen, Ph.D., founder and author Oracle of the Obvious, Secrets of Common Sense Leadership

  • Identify the forces that are holding you back -- addictive loops and poor transfer of knowledge and communication.

  • Engage in using a common language that helps communicate complexity and interdependency within the system.

  • Understand how human behavior affects every part of the system. 

  • Understand how mental models influence thinking and impact systemic behavior and desired results.

  • Lead through your strengths, while marginalizing forces that impede.

  • Align your thinking so your responses and actions naturally flow in the direction you want most.


Examples of our consulting work might include strategic planning with executive teams or organization workshops to have a dialogue about: 


  • Aligning a team in a system that has lost focus.

  • Assisting an executive leader in understanding how they are seen by their direct reports.

  • Designing improvement plans for individuals and teams.

  • Assisting leaders in effectively responding to their teams.

  • Helping organizations 'keep the main thing the main thing' by identifying and removing distractions. 

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you achieve your organization's goals. 

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