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The Jorgensen Learning Center supports leaders and learners at every level to produce results through quality relationships and everyday conversations.
We have experience and expertise in various institutions & sectors: Government, Nonprofit, Healthcare, Insurance, Financial Services, Technology, K-12 Education, Higher Education
Everyday Conversations
Personal Leadership

Individual Learners | All Levels of Leadership | Entrepreneurs | Small Business Owners

Everyday Conversations
Team Leadership

New-to-Role Leaders | Team Leads | First Line Leaders | Second Line Leaders | Department Heads |  Executive Leaders | Executive Boards | School Administrators | School Boards

Everyday Conversations
Organizational Leadership

Department, Enterprise, or Institution-wide Efforts | Communications & Process Consulting | Change 

Initiatives | Cultural Shifts | Development Programs


The Jorgensen Learning Center In Learning Experience is an immersive opportunity to enhance leadership capabilities in an environment designed to model our theories, methods, and tools in practice. Leaders who choose to work with us can expect the following:

  • Partnership with JLC Associates who are professional, highly-trained, learning leaders

  • Planning consult to ensure common understanding of needs and desired outcomes

  • Customization based on participants, setting, topics, and goals for the session/s

  • Delivery in-person, virtual, on-demand, or combination

  • Access to resources and tools relevant to the conversation

  • Debrief to support committed actions and deeper learning


Every JLC training and engagement incorporates adult learning methodologies to ensure long-term retention and dynamic content that promotes continuous personal improvement. Our programs are flexible and can be designed as stand alone sessions or as a development series for teams of learners. All In Learning Series and Programs focus on conversation as a fundamental leadership capability. We meet leaders and their teams where they are and cover topics that are relevant, timely, and actionable.



  • Practicing the 4-Step Meeting Process

  • Holding Challenging and Difficult Conversations

  • Mental Models & Holding Space for Difference

  • Getting Beyond Drama to Learning

  • Helping Boards Achieve Greatness

  • Personal Resilience through Change


Through coaching, leaders can enhance capabilities in an inquiry-based experience of partnered reflection for learning and results. In confidential conversations, we create a safe space to clarify a desired future state, establish goals and develop an implementation plan to generate sustainable results.

  • We support individual clients as they transition into new jobs, shift roles and responsibilities, or find themselves stuck and unable to move forward. 

  • We support teams of leaders to develop operating practices, enhance relationships, and work through challenges.

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