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Creating Authentic Virtual Connections

Not feeling like you are part of a team? Spending hours in front of your computer screen in team meetings and still feeling virtually alone? You are not alone.

We are nearly a year into a shift to remote working because of COVID-19, with many of us meeting all day and working all night, lacking a personal connection with co-workers. The power of authentic human connection is critical to developing quality professional relationships and producing results.

I’m wondering how many people feel like they are producing an individual effort, not a true collaborative one. We invite you to consider using meetings as an opportunity to create authentic connections, develop a collaborative space, where all members are engaged offering their best thinking and making meaningful contributions.

  • Simplify the meeting, less is more. Consider what is the intention and purpose of this meeting? What agenda items support our focus? Who needs to attend for it to be a success?

  • Engage quickly. Get all participant voices into the conversation within the first two minutes of the meeting. For example ask, “If this call was a good use of your time, what would you like to walk away with?”

  • Create space for conversation. Consistently invite participants to share what is resonating with them and why.

  • Get the work done. Surface committed actions at the end of every agenda item, including timelines. Use these as meeting minutes and begin the next meeting with these to ensure completion.

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