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Reflect & Recharge

As you prepare to celebrate the end of 2020 and start looking forward to 2021, don't miss the opportunity to intentionally reflect. Research overwhelmingly shows the benefits of a reflective practice and reflection, especially in a year like this, helps us to make sense of all we have been through in a way where learning and growth can occur.

We recently offered a complimentary webinar on ways to reflect and recharge that you can apply now and infuse into how you lead yourself and your team. We have compiled some of the highlights, including our 6 R's to help you get started. Check them out below and notice which ones speak to you and would most serve you right now.

  • Reflect: reflection allows us to process and promotes personal change. Studies show just 15 minutes of reflection at the end of the work day can improve performance by 23%.

  • wRite it Down: journaling helps us organize our thoughts and make sense of our experiences. It can improve our sense of well-being and the quality of our sleep! Journaling does not have to be a "dear diary" kind of practice. Try reflecting on: what went well?, what did I learn?, what will I do differently next time?, what am I grateful for?

  • Repetition: You can incorporate reflection into what you already do by asking yourself reflective questions throughout your day, like while working out, showering, or washing dishes. You can also incorporate it into meetings and conversations.

  • Relax & Recover: people are feeling more stress than ever right now. Taking care of ourselves emotionally, intellectually, spiritually and physically is key. Assessing how you're doing in these spaces and giving yourself permission to meet your needs will support your well-being and set a positive example for those around you to do the same.

  • Reset: realign with what is important to you, your purpose, your goals, and desired outcomes.

  • Respond: when our to-do list piles up or we leave things like conflicts unaddressed it weighs on us and interferes with our ability to recharge. How can you choose to respond versus react? What can you release and let go of?

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